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Unlike the 'portrait' that was sent back to a sweetheart, a loving mother or a family, the 'crew' photo holds a special place for those pictured because it highlights the comradery between them. As you look through the images, you can see a range of emotions on people's faces. Sometimes they've got a look on their face that they'd rather be 'somewhere else', especially if they've just returned from a sortie, they've still got their flight gear on, it's windy and miserably cold.. but hang on fellas.. it's time for a 'snapshot'! Other times, the sun is out, the smiles are glowing and you wouldn't even think there was a war going on... They really are 'a moment in time' captured...

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The majority of crews that flew with the Fortress are listed in the "Liberator" section, however some crew photos were taken with the B17's so they are included here. One crew of note however was that of F/O Weatherhead. They had only recently been posted to the Sqn to fly the B17 and were the only crew to go missing during the short period of Fortress operations.
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F/O Weatherhead
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F/L N. Barson
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F/O H. Moran
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