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Unlike the 'portrait' that was sent back to a sweetheart, a loving mother or a family, the 'crew' photo holds a special place for those pictured because it highlights the comradery between them. As you look through the images, you can see a range of emotions on people's faces. Sometimes they've got a look on their face that they'd rather be 'somewhere else', especially if they've just returned from a sortie, they've still got their flight gear on, it's windy and miserably cold.. but hang on fellas.. it's time for a 'snapshot'! Other times, the sun is out, the smiles are glowing and you wouldn't even think there was a war going on... They really are 'a moment in time' captured...

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...::: LOCKHEED HUDSON :::...
(above) A Hudson on patrol over Dunkirk in France.(source)
Crew Size: 4 - Pilot - Observer - 2 x Wireless Op - Air Gunner
Crew Photos
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P/O R.W Ayres DFC
Sgt Oakden (WAG) - Sgt Scarsbrook (Obs) - Sgt Golton (WAG)
P/O N. Barson
Sgt Massina (WAG) - Sgt Frankis (Obs) - Sgt Lees (WAG)
P/O Bisham
Sgt Sweeting (WAG) - Sgt Pert (WAG) - Sgt Swatridge (Obs)
F/O C.E. Blair
Sgt Pilon (WAG) - Sgt A.J. Bailey (WAG) - Obs (unknown)
P/O Boggon
Sgt White (Obs) - P/O St. Ours (WAG) - Sgt Howell (WAG)
F/O Boyce
Sgt Dodds (Obs) - Sgt Dunn (WAG)
F/L Buchan
Sgt Stringer (WAG) - Sgt Jones (Obs) - Sgt French (WAG)
P/O Campbell
Sgt Hadfield (Obs) - Sgt Summers (WAG) - 1 WAG Unknown
P/O M. Charlton
F/Sgt Cardy (WAG) - P/O Richards (Obs) - Sgt Harvey (WAG)
F/O Collie
Sgt Dunn (WAG) - Sgt Lees (WAG) - Sgt Sinclair (Obs)
Sgt Duplooy
Sgt MacDonald (WAG) - Sgt Coates (WAG) - Sgt Black (Obs)
S/L P. Evans
F/Sgt Fox (WAG) - P/O Smith (Obs) - P/O Flieger (WAG)
W/C Grece
Sgt Aust (WAG) - P/O Roper DFM (Obs) - Sgt Pascole (WAG)
Sgt Hall
Sgt Johns (Obs) - Sgt Stalker (WAG) - Sgt Ludlan (WAG)
Sgt Henderson
All other crew unknown
P/O Hopwood
Sgt Lichfield (AG) - P/O Hope (Obs) - Sgt Hadfield (AG)
P/O Kelvin
Sgt Manuel (WAG) - P/O Freen (Obs) - Sgt Major (WAG)
F/O Luckwell
Sgt Grayson (WAG) - P/O Wecker (Obs) - Sgt Gamble (WAG)
Sgt Lynch
Sgt Prentice (Obs) - Sgt Smith (WAG) - Sgt Wordsworth (WAG)
P/O G. McClean
crew not confirmed
Sgt Moody
Sgt Brundell (WAG) - Sgt Bradley (Obs) - Sgt Spelling (WAG)
P/O H.A.L. Moran
Sgt Stevens (WAG) - P/O Stevenson (Obs) - Sgt Oakden (WAG)
P/O V. Moss
F/Sgt Coombs - Sgt Davis - Sgt Baker (Muster not confirmed)
Sgt Nahkeuis
Sgt McEwan (WAG) - Sgt Barrie (WAG) - Sgt Blakby (Obs)
P/O A.R. Neilson
Sgt Whitney (WAG) - Sgt Menzies (Obs) - P/O Tuckwood (WAG)
Sgt Peek
Sgt Gamble (WAG) - Sgt Frankis (Obs) - F/Sgt Oakden (WAG)
Sgt L.V. Schafer
crew not confirmed
P/O Siddel
Sgt Gordon (Obs) - Sgt Parker (WAG)
P/O Smith
Sgt Gamble (WAG) - Sgt Robinson (Obs) - F/Sgt Fox (WAG)
F/Sgt D.V. Thesiger
F/Sgt Linnecar (WAG) - Sgt Hoskins (Obs) - Sgt Neary (WAG)
P/O Tiller
Sgt Barratt (WAG) - Sgt Hunt (Obs) - Sgt Couchman (WAG)
Sgt Turnley
Sgt Thompson (WAG) - Sgt Hoskins (Obs) - Sgt Dunn (WAG)
P/O Worsek
Sgt Storey - Sgt Marriott - Muster not confirmed
Sgt Wright
Sgt Spraggs (WAG) - Sgt Livingston (Obs) - Sgt McCartney(WAG)
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