Name of Captain: P/O A.V. Cronje
Aircraft: Liberator Mk.VIII
Crew Details:


(standing L-R) T. Lafferty (F.Eng), J.H. Hunt (A.G), G.D. Waters (WAG), R.K. Mathias (WAG), W.G. Robinson (A.G) (seated L-R) R.E Brown (W.op), R.V.Gurnham (Nav/B), A.V. Cronje (Skipper), J.A. Lowden (Sec. Pilot), S.C. Cowman (Nav/B). (image submitted by Wallace Brown - the son of W/O R.E. Brown). This photo is most likely taken at RAF Ballykelly, in Northern Scotland.

The ORB notes that P/O A.V. Cronje, P/O J.A. Lowden were posted into the Squadron from 1674 HCU on the 7th of March 1945 and F/O S.C. Cowman was posted in on the 21st. The ORB also notes in April 1945 that one W/O F.B. George also flew with this crew. Possibly this Australian airmen.







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