Rank & Name: F/Lt Derek Alcock
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Date of Death: N/A


F/O Derek Alcock was posted to the squadron from No.1 (Coastal) OTU, RAF Thornaby, with his captain, F/Lt J. Logsdail and crew on 23rd October 1943. They flew their first operational sortie a month later on 23rd November.

Derek was a well respected pilot and would later captain his own crew, some of the members are pictured below. Sgt. Clifford 'Bordy' Boardman held Derek in very high esteem and some of Clifford's recollections have been kindly contributed via his son, Andrew Boardman.

(back L-R) W/O R.N. Pike (Nav), R.G. Marlow, D. Mortimer , R.J. Nunan, C. Boardman "Bordy"
(Front L-R) F/S E. Omerod "Scotty", F/S J. Seaver "Pop" (co-pilot), Derek Alcock (pilot), F/O A. Barrel "Smoky"

"Derek & Crazy Gang" was submitted by Sally Benwell, who is the daughter of W/O Pike (nav). Unfortunately there were few names attached to the photo but updates have been provided by the son of Sgt. R.J. Nunan (WAG) and the son of Sgt. Clifford Boardman (WAG). The only discrepancy is with the naming of 'Smoky', F/O Barrel (nav). The airmen pictured above could be F/L Jenkin (nav), who was previously crewed with several others shown here, with F/Lt Thomas DFC. The picture of Thomas & crew is rather low quality and whilst there are similarities between "that" Jenkin and the airmen above, it cannot be 100% ascertained that they are one in the same. If it is Jenkin, then that would date this picture between 21st and 24th Feb 1944 (as Jenkin was sadly lost on the 24th on operations). If it's Barrel then it could be anytime after April 1944 and their arrival from the Bahamas (No.111 OTU).



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