Rank & Name: F/L Mitchell Norman Black - RAAF
Date of Death: N/A


Little is known of F/L Black at this time. He was an Australian Nav serving with 59 Sqn. There are pictures of a Sgt Black who appears to be an Australian (judging by the colour of uniform) but it is unknown at this stage whether the two are indeed the same person. It was customary that the Nav would be seated with the pilot, co-pilot, officers etc in the front row (in Liberator and Fortress crew photos) which Sgt Black (possibly F/S?) is, which would strengthen the possibility that he was a Nav. view crew pictures

The RAF Davidstow Moor ORB shows that by June of 1943, Black was promoted to the rank of P/O.

According to the Australian National Archives, RAAF personnel records, he was born on 5th November 1913 in Pymble and enlisted in Sydney.


Further Information

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