Rank & Name: S/L G.C.N. Close GC
Date of Death: 09/05/1941


Little is known of S/L Close at this time. If you have more information or a picture, please contact me, thank you.

Shortest Held Award (G/C): Plt Off (S/L) Gerald Close, RAF, 13th April 1937 (LG, 21 December 1937) became a recipient of the GC through the EGM exchanges in September 1940. Sadly he was killed flying over France on the 9th May 1941. Thus he was the GC recipient to have held it for the shortest period of time, just over seven months. (www.gc-database.co.uk)

S/L Close had only been promoted to the rank of S/L several days before his death after S/L GT Palmer DFC failed to return from a strike on Cherbourg.


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Awarded the George Cross: view details

Remembered on the George Cross Graves Database under "France"(www.gc-database.co.uk)




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