Rank & Name: F/O R.G.V. "George" Coston
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Date of Death: N/A

Little is known of F/O Coston at this time. He was a Navigator/Bombaimer with Wes Loney & crew and involved in the sinking of U-470 and the attack on U-621

“George” Coston was enlisted in the Royal Air Force in October 1941, and undertook his training as a Navigator out in Canada. Returning home in September 1942, he was posted to No. 59 Squadron, a Coastal Command unit operating in Liberators out of Ballykelly, in July 1943.
Remaining similarly employed until August 1944, in which period he flew in excess of 30 operational sorties, the majority of the anti-submarine or convoy escort variety, Coston was present at two memorable U-Boat actions. The first of them, as verified by 59’s Operational Record Book, was against the U-470 during the course of convoy ON. 206 on 16 October 1943, when his aircraft was captained by Pilot Officer W. G. “Wes” Loney, R.A.A.F.: ‘Directed by S.N.O. to U-Boat fully surfaced (210 ZZ 40). Attacked under moderate flak and straddled the hull with first four DCs. Under heavier flak the remaining four DCs were dropped close alongside and the U-Boat was seen to dive at about 60 degrees. None of our crew were injured and damage was received only in the port tyre and a hole in the port tank.’ source

images and further information sourced from dnw.co.uk



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