Rank & Name: Sgt George A. Fleiger RCAF
Date of Death: 01/02/1949


The following was sent in by Wendy, a relative of Sgt Fleiger.


I believe that you have information on your site about my Great-Great-Uncle George A Fleiger but have his date of death unknown.

He was known as Archer to his family. which includes his date of death at age 57 on February 1, 1949. He is interred at the Miramichi Cemetary in Miramichi, NB, Canada (old Newcastle NB) Next to his sisters Amanda (my Grand-mother) and Jewel (my Great-great aunt) and with an infant Grand Niece who would have been my aunt. On his gravestone he is indicated as being a Gunner and member of RCA and CEF.

As far as I know this is all accurate information as the Memoirs of Ernest E Allen indicate that George was from Chatham, which is another small community which was amalgamated into the city of Miramichi in the 90s. George was born in Chatham but lived his life across and up river in Newcastle with his family. My George's regimental number was 90145...


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Further Information

His Canadian Great War Project information - http://www.canadiangreatwarproject.com/searches/soldierDetail.asp?ID=92343

Rest In Peace