Rank & Name: S/Ldr Paul Garrard M.i.D, D.F.C
Date of Death: 25.03.1942


Little is known of S/L Garrard at this time. He was a pilot but on the day he died there are no other casualties noted to 59 Sqn on this day. view details

Awarded DFC whilst with 59 Sqn. (source - Alec McCurdy). The then P/O Garrard joined 59 Sqn (RAF Thorney Island) when posted from RAF Andover in Sept 1940 along with three other pilots and their crews (P/O McCurdy, RFW Johnson and Knill).

Update 2012: In Dec. 1941, S/L Garrard & crew were part of a contingent of 18, 59 Sqn Blenheims and crews that were re-assigned to the Far East. Shortly before the fall of Java, Garrard was injured on a mission and admitted to Hospital. A few months later he was either killed by the Japanese, or died of his wounds... (read more)

A/S/Ldr's P Garrard and RA Miles mentioned in dispatches. Auth. London Gazette No.53580 dated 2.6.42 & GRO No.80 dated 16.6.42.

Update May 2015: Sgt Hubert Birks tells a very enlightening story of the 59ers experience in Sumatra and Java in the Far East. In his memoirs, told with additions by his son David Birks, in the book "Into The Hands Of Nippon, 2014", Hubert recalls their plight for freedom under narrowing horizons, after the Japanese took the Islands of Sumatra and Java in the then, Dutch East Indies. The group of airmen braved the jungle wilderness for over a week, evading capture which they learnt would have ended with on the spot execution. On the 9th day, with exhaustion and desperation well set in and hope all but gone, a vote was put to the group of sixteen. All but two voted for turning themselves in and one of those against was the groups leading officer, Paul Garrard. The next day, the group of 14 surrendered, to be joined shortly by the young airmen who had decided to go with Garrard, who was never heard of again... S/Ldr Garrard never gave up but sadly paid the ultimate price...

The date that is recorded for Garrard's death (25.03.1942) is two weeks after the date that Hubert recalls that the group of 14 surrendered, on the 11th. The circumstances by which this date became Garrard's "official" date of death, are unknown at this stage...

As remembered on the Singapore Memorial: GARRARD, Squadron Leader, PAUL, D F C, 44191. 59 Sqdn. Royal Air Force. 25th March 1942. Age 21. Son of Richard Buxton Garrard and Marion Garrard, of Hawkeridge, Wiltshire Column 411.


Further Information
Awardee of the Battle of Britain Clasp - Although entitlement was revoked by the Air Ministry in 1960 (read more)

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Rest In Peace