Rank & Name: Sgt Geoffrey Garside

Date of Death: N/A


Sgt. Garside (Obs) - joined the Squadron at Thorney Island on the 18th of April 1941. His first recorded sortie is with P/O Griffiths (pilot) and Sgt Dick Couchman (AG) in Blenheim TR-B. Time Up: 1758 - Time Down: 2025. Undertaking a patrol between Yarmouth and Teschelling. Nothing seen.

During the Battle of Britain and just prior to service with 59, he operated wth 236 sqn who at the time were flying the Blenheim Mk.IVF - Blenheim fighter. For his service with 236, Geoffrey was awarded the Battle of Britain bar. During the period of July-August 1940, 236 Sqn were stationed at Thorney Island (59 Sqn were also at Thorney), so it's more than likely that Geoffrey flew escort duties for 59 Sqn Blenheims on bombing missions. After 236 Sqn, he was posted to 209 Sqn, operating convoy patrols in flying boats. In april 1941, he was posted to 59 Sqn.

In an interview recorded by Conrad Wood for the IWM, Geoffrey recollects that he didn't enjoy his time flying with 59 Sqn and requested a transfer of duties, due to the fact that his navigational duties were minimal, given the short sorties the Blenheims were flying. He put in a transfer request and heard little about it. He was then sent to Bircham Newton in Norfolk, as part of an 'A' Flight detachment operating against E-boats in Holland. Geoffrey recalls that the detachment had 5 a/c & crews and that eventually his aircraft became the only one left that was operational... This could possibly be in reference to the events of the 28th of April, when four Blenheims failed to return from an attack on an enemy convoy. His last sortie was on the 4th of April, after which time he was posted out.


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