Rank & Name: S/L NB Hallmark DFC, AFC
Date of Death: n/a


Richard Los makes mention of a F/L NB Hallmark in his book Keep Them Flying. Notes that Hallmark was the officer who took charge of the advance party to France prior to the squadron leaving the UK in late 1939. He also notes that Hallmark was the pilot (with sgt's Dunlop and ?) who made the squadron first operational mission of the war in May 1940 from Poix airfield. he was then according to Los, posted back to the UK with a promotion to S/L and later receiving the DFC for this mission. By 1943, he had risen to the rank of Wing Commander and had also been awarded the Air Force Cross. Between 13 August and 31 he was O/C 297 Squadron.

UNCONFIRMED: It is not known whether the following NB Hallmark is the same airman who served with 59 Squadron at this stage.

Flight Global (dated 11/02/1937) makes note of a F/O NB Hallmark being posted to No. 52 (Bomber) Sqn (along with another possible future 59 Sqn member F/O M.J Muspratt-Williams) stationed at Abingdon effective 18/01/1937. It also in this section states that the names mentioned are posted to No. 1 Flying Training School, Lechars on appointment to temporary commissions, being seconded to the RAF, from the Army effective 06/01/1937. My undrestanding is that whilst Hallmark and Muspratt-Williams were seconded to the RAF from the Army (on temporary commisions) they were posted to 52 Sqn not No.1 Flying Training School. Which would possibly further explain why they are noted as Capt's of regiments below.

Flight Global (dated 20/09/1940) makes note of a F/L NB Hallmark DFC under the section "F/L to be S/L's temporary" and notes him as a Capt, Chesire Regt) also mentioned in this section is F/L M.J Muspratt-Williams (to be S/L) and notes him as a Capt, Lincolnshire Regt)

UPDATE 2012: AIR27-560 makes note of F/L NB Hallmark taking command of 59 Sqn on 11/6/40 after S/L JB Fyfe was posted to 107 Sqn. He relinquished command after the arrival of S/L RGS Morgan-Weldon-Smith on the 29/6/40. Morgan-Weldon-Smith was killed on the 1/8/40 and at this time F/L Hallmark once again took command until the 12/8/40 when it was passed over to W/C JAC Stratton. It is likely that F/L Hallmark was posted elsewhere after receiving his promotion to S/Ldr (temporary) in Sept 1940.

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