Rank & Name: F/L Geoffrey Beaufort Lynch - RAAF
Date of Death: Unknown - Returned


F/L Lynch was a single man of 20 years and 1 month old when he walked into RAAF No.2 Recruiting Office in Sydney and signed up for the airforce on 19th of Aug. 1940. After a medical examination, which made note of the scar on his lower lip, his papers were stamped "FIT FULL FLYING DUTIES" and he was posted to No.2 ITS, Bradfield Park. Rank: A.C II (Air Crew class II). He later received training as a Pilot and served with 59 Sqdn then 72 Sqdn.

Prior to enlistment Geoffrey was employed as a draughtsman. Listed for notification of casualty (other than next of kin) he had the name H.R Smith Esq c/o H.S Morris & Co. Structural Engineers of Hamilton St, Sydney. Most likely his former employers and quite possibly employment he expected to continue at wars end but sometimes life never works out as planned. Like many servicemen during the war, Geoffrey met a lass whilst on service, married and then moved overseas after the war. His wifes name was Sibyl Averett Lynch and she lived in Miami Beach, Florida.

In Jan of 1943 he was promoted to the rank of Flying Officer and in June of 1944 he promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

Above it shows that he left 6 OTU and was posted to serve with 59 Sqdn on 23rd Dec 1941, the next entry he is still with 59 Sqdn and it is a note of discharge from the RAAF, on appointment to a commisioned rank. Below shows the number of hours he flew with 59 and the planes.

Also not noted to the best of my knowledge (in postings and attachments) is that F/L Lynch has service with 111OTU in Nassau recorded as per above. (about two weeks after posting to 5PDC). He was posted to 2PD (below) on the 27th of Aug 1945, which is about 2 and a half months after he finished at 111 OTU according to the record above.




This is what it looks like when you make a mast-height attack on an enemy convoy.
The sketch was made by Flight Sergeant G. B. Lynch, an experienced Hudson pilot
serving with R.A.F. Coastal Command immediately after his return from the strike.



Rest In Peace