Rank & Name: P/O Eric Moore
Date of Death: 22/03/1941


P/O Moore (Observer) joined 59 Sqn (RAF Thorney Island) when posted from RAF Andover in Sept 1940 along with his crew (P/O McCurdy as pilot and Sgt Couchman - WAG) and the crews of P/O's Johnson, Garrard and Knill. the crews of McCurdy and Knill were assigned to 'A' flight, who at the time were detached to Aldergrove, so it would be a week before operations began for P/O Moore. Alec mentioned that he believed that P/O Moore had made a complaint about his flying and requested joining another crew, his logbook shows that he has a new Obs. in early 1941. Alec's "individualist" flying appears to have also caught the attention of their WAG, Sgt Couchman, who recalled Alec's flying some years after the war, with very colourful language...

(sourced from the memoirs of Alec McCurdy).

When P/O McCurdy was posted to 18 Sqn early in 1941, P/O Moore remained with 59 Sqn but had already joined another crew. P/O Date & crew were lost on the 22/03/1941


Update March 2012

This photo is taken from the book "Bristol Blenheim - Theo Boiton". The photo was taken by Alec McCurdy, a pilot of 59 Sqn after the Battle of France. This was sent to me by Terry Sheldon, son of LAC Eric Sheldon.

(above - L-R) Sgt Dick Couchman (WAG), P/O Alec McCurdy (pilot), P/O Eric Moore (obs).

Image sent in by Ian Edgar - son of Sgt C.H Edgar



Further Information
Awardee of the Battle of Britain Clasp - Although entitlement was revoked by the Air Ministry in 1960 (read more)


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