Rank & Name: Sgt John Kenneth Nankervis - RAAF
Date of Death: N/A


Sgt Nankervis was a pilot on the Squadron during Hudson operations from early 1942.

First record in the ORB is on 18th Feb. 1942 when it is reported that Sgt Nankervis and crew sighted two ME115, that gave chase for four minutes but the crew were lucky enough to find cloud and escape. They were at the time on a navigation training flight.

According to the Australian National Archives, RAAF personnel records, he was born on 28th Dec. 1921 in Northcote, Victoria and enlisted in Melbourne.

He later went on to fly fighters and was injured in an incident involving Beaufighter VI T5162 at East Fortune on 18-10-1943. RAF East Fortune was a training statioin for fighter aircraft. No further details known at this stage.


Further Information

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