Rank & Name: F/O Robert Seigler RCAF
Date of Death: 18/08/1944


F/O Seigler died when Liberator P/59 crashed into high ground in NE Scotland. view details

According to Bob Seigler (F/O Seigler's nephew) this was his last mission before he was due to return home.

He also submitted the following:

My father Lionel Seigler named me after his brother Robert who died in Scotland when his plane crashed into a mountain. Unfortunately my namesake; Uncle Bob, passed away far too early in life; those from his immediate family that would have the most to share regarding his life have also passed on.
From pictures I've seen, Bob was extremely handsome.  Dad told me Bob dated Hollywood actress Jean Tierany and others.  Hollywood producers wanted to make him a star but he desired to serve his country and enlisted in the RCAF.  The mission he died in was his last before he was due to come home. I once asked Dad if Bob had any children and his response was always the same; "someday I'll tell you a story", he never told the story and I've gone through life believing that somewhere out the I have a cousin fathered by Bob.
Best regards,
Bobbie Seigler

My Thanks and appreciation to Bobbie for his contributions to the site.


Further Information

Remembered in the RCAF Second World War Book of Remembrance (www.vac-acc.gc.ca)

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