Rank & Name: F/L G.V. Smither
Date of Death: n/a


Little is known of F/L Smither at this time. He was operational during the Battle of Britain and crewed with Sgt's Tull and Pritcher.

Richard Los makes mention of a F/L GV Smither in his book Keep Them Flying and it appears he flew during the Battle of France and was with the squadron before war broke out.

The ORB notes that on the 27th of Nov. 1939, F/Lt Hicks assumed the duty of squadron adjutant from F/Lt Smither, who was posted to 'C' Flight.



Officers - Poix 1940: Left to right (front row) F/L GV Smithers, F/O Musprat Williams, S/Ldr J.B Fyfe (C/O), F/O Arscott, F/O AJ Handley, F/O HF Wood, F/O FD Bird. (middle row) F/O CJ Hicks, F/L NB Hallmark, P/O Hitch, S Morin (French Interpreter). (back row) P/O Chudleigh, F/O DG Smith (Doctor), F/O GHD Evans, F/O JE Horton (Eng Off), P.O Pippet, P/O CJC Chamberlain (RNZAF) P/O MI Murdoch. (photo- Richard Los)


Flight Global (dated 23/04/1936) makes note of a G.V Smither being granted a short service commision as an acting pilot officer on probation with effect of March 30.

Flight Global (dated 11/02/1937) makes note of an acting P/O G.V Smither being posted to the School of Army Co-Operation, Old Sarum 10/01/1937. 59 Squadron would reform at Old Sarum a few months later on 28 June as a special Army Co-Operation Unit. Although I have no official confirmation that this is the same (later) F/L GV Smither mentioned by Los, the fact he was posted to Old Sarum just before 59 reformed is a good indicator that they are one in the same person. Old Sarum was in June1937 according to Los, Army Co-Operations Command.



Further Information
Awardee of the Battle of Britain Clasp - Although entitlement was revoked by the Air Ministry in 1960 (read more).

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