Rank & Name: F/L Ronald Douglas Stevenson - RAAF
Date of Death: N/A


Ron Stevenson was an Australia navigator on the Squadorn, posted in in early 1942. Operating first on the Lockheed Hudson then the Liberator and briefly the Fortress. For the majority of his time with 59 Sqn, he flew as navigator for fellow Australian pilot, Tim Moran.

According to the Australian National Archives, RAAF personnel records, he was born on 4th June 1917 in Sydney NSW and enlisted in Sydney.

Could be coincidence, or perhaps they were friends and enlisted together but Ron's service number is only two numbers different to that of F/O D.J. Richards, who was only 1 year younger than Ron and both enlisted in Sydney on the same day at No.2 REC Centre. Regardless, they were certainly well known to eachother as they subsequently travelled to Canada on the same ship, however it appears they may have been in different groups during training, as they later embarked for the UK aboard different ships, arriving to the UK four days apart. With Richards being posted to 59 Squadron on the 29.01.42 and Stevenson on the 31st.



went through training together, with only 1 or 2 days between postings to trainings schools, so perhaps not in the same group. and onto 59 Squadron.



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