Rank & Name: Sgt W.J. Underwood

Date of Death: 1985


Dec 2012: I have recently been contacted by Peter Underwood (grandson), who submitted the following information for Sgt W.J Underwood.

"His service number is 1581261. He was with 59 Squadron, and trained in the Bahamas and Canada.
I have included scans of his Log Book including the U293 surrender. Also, a "team photo" (no date or names on photo, but my Granddad is on the bottom left I believe) and REME leaving card with his potted history."

Thank you Peter.


Further Information
(above) Possibly taken during training in the Bahamas.

(above) Sgt Underwood & crew accept the surrender of U-293
(above) Reme Leaving Card
(above) Sgt Underwood (back-right) & crew



(above) W.op - Sgt W.J. Underwood sends the message "You or us?" as Liberator H/59 flys over U-293 - 10/05/1945 - (Peter Underwood)
(above) A nice shot of U-293 - taken by Liberator H/59 - (Peter Underwood)
(above) The crew of H/59 on board U-293 in Londonderry (Peter Underwood)
Rest In Peace