Rank & Name: F/O Harold James Watts - RAAF
Date of Death: 1990


Little is known of F/O Watts at this time. He was a navigator on the Squadron between Dec. 1943 and June 1946.

Update June 2014: Recently contacted by Paul Watts, the nephew of F/O Watts, who kindly submitted the following information. Thank you Paul, for taking the time to get in touch.


"Harold did basic training in Aust during 1942 he qualified as a gunner & navigator then was stationed at Summerside, Alberta Canada, No 1 GRS. during May/June 1943, flying in Ansons.

His Flying Log Book then has him as at 30.12.43 in 59 Sdn Liberator FK 233 under WC Harris.
During Jan 44 he is in Lib. "P" BZ 724, FL 988, BZ 751. Feb 44 his WC is Gilchrist DFC, Lib "H", FL 977. March he is in Libs "K & G", FL 975-6 with FO Willows. April to Dec 44 he flies with FO Willows in different aircraft on 71 patrols. Jan & Feb 45 still with FO Willows 14 patrols. March sees him in Lib "B, F, E", KH414, KK321, KK333 with PO Snow & FO Villis. April and May he flies with FO Villis, FL Meeres and WC Littlejohn. His last logged flight was on 20.05.45 a patrol over the Irish Sea with WC Littlejohn in Lib "B" KH414.

At this date WC Littlejohn was commanding 59 squadron and signed Harold's log book as 1st tour completed. During all these flights he was navigator, his total hours were 870 day and 173 night.
He flew out of Meeksfield, Reykjavik, Thornaby, Ballykelly, Speke, He flew 138 missions with 59th. In Canada 10 patrols were recorded.

There is a photo of him on the homepage "The Crew Files" he is seated middle left in the darker uniform, no gloves.(pictured above).

After the war he went back to work for the Cottee company, food and beverage makers and remained with them until he retired as International Marketing Manager. Harold died of cancer in 1990. Harold was held in high regard by his extended family and noted for his generosity to all family members.

Paul Watts


The Layden Maiden Gazette - F/O Willows & Crew



Further Information

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Rest In Peace