Rank & Name: Lt. John Edward Arnott

Date of Death: 05/12/1931


Lt. Arnott only briefly served with 59th Squadron whilsty they were still training at Narborough, before they left for France.

1915 Oct 14. Married to Jane Swainston at Darlington. They appear to have had one child Gordon E Arnott born 14 Jul 1916 in Durham. That child appears to have emigrated to Rhodesia
1916 Jun 3. Gazetted 2nd Lt RFC posted to 2 School of Aviation. His RAF record is available
His RAF record gives a number of consecutuve addresses 2 Beech Land House, Baker St, London followed by 6 Blandford St, London W and Dean House, 116 Great Tichfield St, London W, and finally Yalta, Silchester Rd, Glenageary Co Dublin from 19 Jan 1922. His next of kin is his mother Mrs H H Arnott at 14 Langholm Crescent, Darlington
1916 Jun 26. Posted to 25 RS
1916 Jul 30 Posted to 9 RS
1916 Sep 29 Posted to 59 Squadron
1916 Dec 24. Promoted to FO, still as 2nd Lt
1917 Jan 5. Posted to 37 Squadron

1917 Mar 18 Posted to 12 Squadron in France
1917 Jun 11. Posted to 61 Training School
1917 Aug 23. Posted to 42 Training School for instruction in bombing
1917 Oct ? Posted HQ of 23 Wing as bombing instructor
1917 Sep 1. Promoted Lt.
1918 Jan 31 Posted to HQ of 8 Wing as bombing instructor
1918 Apr 1. Promoted Lt in A&S
1918 Aug 7. To Lt in Admin
1918 Oct 1. Unfit General Service, but fit for light duty. Short low flights only for 6 weeks.
1918 Oct 29. Passed Medical Board and toold to report to 16 Group at York.
1918 Nov 7. Posted "for disposal"
1919 Jan 8. Posted to 16 Group (NW) for Educational Duties
1919 Mar 9. Transferred to Unemployed List.
1919 His first wife died. I cannot find death in UK records. Could have been West Africa ?
1919 May. There is reference to service in West Africa from May 1919 to March 1920 with "invalided"
1920 March 20. Arrives UK from Nigeria on SS Appam. He travels 1st class and is an assistant trader. He is traveling alone
1920 Jun to 1920 Dec he was involved in "civilian flying". There is a National Archive request for the Registration and Certification of: Application by Mr. J. E. Arnott for permission to use aircraft registered in France and having French Certificates of Airworthiness for passenger flights in England read more


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