Rank & Name: Cpt. Bailey

Date of Death: N/A


Little is known of Cpt. Bailey at this time. He is noted in the award citation of Lt. J.W.G Clark (observer) as his pilot.

On the 5th October [1918], whilst flying with Captain Bailey, carried out a pre-arranged shoot with 274th Siege Battery. He ranged this battery, and the battery went on to fire for effect, obtaining two direct hits on the target and causing a fire on the roadside in the battery position. The 274th Siege Battery put out "T" on completion of shoot, During this time he observed two hostile batteries active. On one of these he carried out a very successful ANF shoot, obtaining a direct hit on No.2 pit. During the fire for effect the whole battery position was demolished, and the observer went MQ as no more pits were visible. He had caused a fire and a series of explosions in the hostile position, which he undoubtedly destroyed. As the visibility had become extremely poor, Captain Clark decided to work from a point above the hostile battery, although there was a patrol of eight Fokker biplanes in the vicinity and there was a strong west wind blowing. The enemy aircraft attacked, but by his gallantry and skill Captain Clark shot down one, which he saw fall out of control and burst into flames on hitting the ground. The remainder of the formation were driven off and Captain Clark then completed the ANF shoot. "L" Battery AA report that they saw a Fokker biplane diving away very steeply from a fight at this time, but owing to poor visibility they did not actually see the machine burning on the ground.



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