Rank & Name: 2/AM F.H. Bastik

Date of Death: N/A


44969 2nd AM F H Bastick, RFC.

Interesting chap is Bastick. I expect you spotted the Ebay material lately. Just before it all emerged, by pure coincidence, I was trying rather hard to track down what was going on with his loss. A good friend, Mike O'Connor, finally ran him to ground in the 59 Squadron Record Book at Kew - it appears he had literally just arrived at 59 Sqn and was one of several men - ie Wireless Operators - who almost immediately got swept up in the changing front line of late Cambrai and got captured - on Nov.30th. These are the men listed in that file that the unit lost that day:

** att. 63 Bgde RFA MIA(2AM FH Bastick POW) #
** att. 110 SB MIA(2AM AH Branson POW?) #
** att. 216 SB MIA(1AM WS Crust POW?) #
** att. 354 SB MIA(2AM TH Hoggard POW?) #
** att. 57 SB (2AM J Littlejohn WIA) hosp#
** att 102 SB MIA(1AM J Partridge POW?) #
** att. 29 DA HQ MIA(2AM TL Quinn POW?) #
** att. 1/2 Lancs HB MIA(1AM CH Vaughan POW?) #

All the above were wireless operators. You'll note I still have a question mark beside the other "POWs" as it is surmise - probable- but not certain. The SRB doesn't appear to mention any of these individuals again, as far as I understand.

And these names are all new to me, apart from Bastick. It poses the question that there must be dozens of similar POW losses of attached RFC/RAF personnel which by dint of being non-officers it is almost totally baffling and impossible to find now, unless one is lucky enough (and persistent enough) to track down at squadron level.
The same difficulty applies to establishing the wider picture on some of the really big enemy bombing raids on Allied airfields and bases throughout the war. Those killed are relatively straight forward to establish, but how about the even greater number of all the wounded and injured? I've searched for years for these and they don't seem to exist, as they were not subject to casualty reports and the daily routine orders of these units or depots have all been long skipped and lost, I fear.



Further Information

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