Rank & Name: Captain Reginald Morse Charley

Date of Death: 1986


Captain Reginald Morse Charley was a World War I flying ace credited with six aerial victories.[1] He qualified as an electrical engineer in 1911. He moved to Pittsburgh in the United States to work in February 1914. In 1915, he joined the Royal Flying Corps in Canada. By the middle of 1916, he was serving back in England in No. 59 Squadron. In December 1916, he was transferred to 54 Squadron, which deployed to France. Charley scored six confirmed victories during 1917, with another one unconfirmed. He became C Flight Commander in September. In November, he was transferred to Home Establishment; he spent the last year of the war at the Armament Experimental Station.

Upon discharge in 1919, he returned to America to work as a Transformer Sales Manager for the English Electric Company. He retired in 1960, and died shortly after his 94th birthday, in 1986.



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