Rank & Name: 2nd Lt. Christian

Date of Death: NA


Little is known of 2nd Lt. Christian at this time. The following was taken from the Military Cross citation of the award to his observer/gunner, Lt. J.E. Hanning.


On 28th March 1918, while on patrol with 2nd Lieutenant Christian as pilot, he endeavoured to shoot down a hostile balloon over Miraumont. His machine was at once attacked by a hostile scout, and after firing 90 rounds his gun jammed. Although wounded in the leg by an explosive bullet, he rectified the trouble, and was about to fit a new drum on the gun when a bullet hit it and destroyed it. The enemy aircraft then dived underneath the tail, did a climbing turn, and again attacked. Lieutenant Hanning again repaired his gun and fired a long burst into the enemy scout. The enemy pilot collapsed in his seat and his machine spun to the ground. The controls of Lieutenant Hanning's machine were, by this time, so damaged that his pilot could not fly it. He, however, fitted the dual control and succeeded in bringing the machine back to our lines and landing it. By his courage and determination, though wounded, Lieutenant Hanning undoubtedly saved the life of his pilot. source


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