Rank & Name: 2nd Lt. Charles E. Cullen

Date of Death: N/A


574. BGLR. Charles .E. Cullin R.E. Enlisted 31 December, 1896. Formally 574 Corporal Third Balloon Comapnay RE (Dismounted) 11 July, 1910. He served as a Bugler RE in South African War with Balloons. 1914 Star (number 18), for service as Flight Sergeant with 2 Squardron in France from 12 August, 1914. M.I.D. L.G. 19 October, 1914 and 11 July, 1919. Army L.S.&G.C. (number 18), in A.O. 134 of April, 1915 as Flight Sergeant Royal Flying Corps. Commissioned 2 Lieutenant 0 October, 1917. In November, 1921 A.F.L. was Flying Officer (Stores) seniority 20 July 1920.

Employed from 23 December, 1919 at Air Pilotage School (Cadre) Andover. Retired October, 1927. In 1937 Air Force List Flight Lieutenant (E) (Retd) (seniority 1 January, 1924), serving then in Equipment Branch, Reception Depot, West Drayton, Group in 'Webb collection Queen's South Africa Medal (number 574), (Bugler RE) clasps Defence of Ladysmith (23rd. Coy. Balloon Section), Orange Free State, Laing's Nek, Belfast, Cape Colony and S.A. 1901, 1914 Star and Bar Trio, Defence Medal and GV Army L.S.&G.C.
Father's Victorian L.S.&G.C. medal named to: 21659. H.C. CULLEN DIST. STAFF. R.A.
Condition: GVF

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Charles E. Cullen 3rd Balloon Section (Third Field Troop), and previously 2nd Balloon Section during the Siege of Ladysmith. Later 1st Balloon Section, then 15th Coy RE. QSA issued 12 August 1903. He was a founder member of the RFC in 1912 as a Segeant being given the number 18. He was promted to Flight Sergeant on 1 July 1914 and proceeded to France with 2 Squadron, "C" Flight, on 13 August 1914, earning his 1914 Start and bar Trio. Cullen was mentioned in Sir John French's despatches of 19 October 1914, the very first RFC mentions, in which Cullen is the first name.

Charles E. Cullen was born at Dover Castle, 30.10.1882, his father was a Gunner there. He joined the RE 20.12.1896 as Bugler, aged 14 yrs. 2 months. He served in the Defence of Ladysmith, in the Balloon Section, RE. In 1910 he appears on the list of the Balloon School as Cpl. In 1911-12 he is in 3rd Balloon Coy., RE. Joined the Royal Flying Corps on it formation, as SJt., and was promoted to Fl/Sjt 1.7.1914 going to France on 13.8.1914, "C" Flight, 2 Sq.

The first name on the first list of Royal Flying Corps Mentioned in Despatches, in French's Despatch of 8.10.1914. 12.3.1915 promoted to Sjt. Major, award L.S.&G.C. in April 1915 (one of only 37 Army L.S.&G.C. medals to the Royal Flying Corps).
10.1917 promoted to 2/Lt (Equipment Officer). 7. 1919 M.I.D., named as being in 59 Sqadron. 10.1927 Retired under the age ruling, on reaching 45.



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