Rank & Name: Cpt. Herbert Melhuish Golding

Date of Death: N/A


Little is known of Cpt. Golding at this time. The following accident report notes him as Lt. (pilot) with 2nd Lt. Bridge as observer/gunner.

"D4812 Allotted to BEF and en-route ex Napier’s 7.3.1918, to be delivered to 1 ASD via Richborough or 2 ASD via Southampton. 2 ASD Reception Park by 1.4.1918. 59 Sqn dd ex 2 AIS 14.5.1918 and wrecked 6.6.1918 (Lt H.M. Golding/2Lt A.J. Bridge OK – while diving on a machine gun, the upper wing extensions were shot away by AA fire and the machine crashed). For deletion on 59 Sqn."

"I was researching the history of my Great Grandads (Herbert Melhuish Golding acting Captain RFC) war years and trying to discover the story behind his DFC when your conversation popped up in google, and i was suprised to see what looks like his handwriting in the message. I have very little information on him other than his Gloucesters paybook, a record of service i downloaded from the internet and a few newspaper clippings from after the war. Any information you have on him or tips on how to get some would be greatly appreciated though i can provide a bit myself should you want it...

I have a PDF of my great-grand fathers record of service which i cant upload for you because of the data limit but I think what I actually have is records for two different Herbert Melhuish Goldings. The second is very difficult to tell apart because they have such similar hand writing. The official form part that will have been filled out by someone seperately is hard to read on the second record in some places but listed under 'movements' the first is '28-9-1916 qualified as observer' and the last is on the 9-4-1918 although I cannot make it out, under 'appointments and promotions' there is also another entry on the 4-3-1918, which again i cannot make out. On the date of your message my great-grandfathers unit is listed as B.T.S or maybe 13.T.S until 20-4-1918 when he moves to E.7 12 squadron..."

- "I believe that Capt H M Golding had been a medical student at Bristol University before the war, and went on to be a doctor after the war. He wouldn't have known it of course, but the officer to whom he was dropping the message, my grandfather Captain S Revels, had also been a medical student (at Glasgow Universiry) before the war, and also went on to be a doctor after the war."



Further Information

If you have any information about Capt Golding, please contact me, thank you.

: Rest In Peace :