Rank & Name: Lt. Clarence Hillborn

Date of Death: 1980's


Taken from a tribute to the brother of Clarence, William who flew at one time with 66 Sqn.

"His brother Clarence served in France with 59 squadron flying R.E. 8's, survived the war, returned to Canada and brought up a family, he died in the 1980's...

...Clarence and William decided to join the Royal Flying Corps, being recruited by Captain Lord Innes-Ker. They borrowed some money and joined the B.C. Aviation School Ltd in October 1916. Basic flying training at the school would cost them $300 Canadian each. They are thought to have run out of money during the winter of 1916-17 and returned home to Quesnal. In the spring of 1917 they were posted to Deseronto for flying training with the RFC. The brothers graduated from the Canadian flying training programme in the summer of 1917"



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