Rank & Name: Lt. Augustus Patrick Kelly M.C

Date of Death: N/A


In order to find out more about our great uncle Lt Augustus Kelly who served in the RFC between 1916-1918 we need to known in which squadron he served.
The attached medal card doesnt seem to give details on the squadron, or did we miss it?

Important maybe is the fact that he was rewarded the Militairy Cross for a reconnaissance flight over enemy positions France in 1917. Records of which we found in the London Gazette 1918. Also found, see below, a record on him an app. as an observer in 1917

- His award of the MC is mentioned in the Ampleforth Journal; http://archive.org/s...age/52/mode/2up
It says he was in the same squadron commanded by Major C.J. Mackey MC. It also mentions elsewhere that Lt Kelly was twice wounded.

- B2285 2 ASD dd ex 1 ASD 10.1.1918. 59 Sqn dd ex 2 AIS 14.1.1918 and wrecked landing from Night Bombing 16.2.1918 (Lt A.P. Kelly OK – the pilot misjudged the landing due to ground mist and the machine hit a hedge and a bank). For deletion on 59 Sqn.

B6517 Presentation a/c Members of the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce (Inc). 1 AAP Coventry 1.11.1917 allotted to BEF, VTBF. 1 ASD Reception Park dd ex England 11.11.1917. 2 ASD dd ex 1 ASD 15.11.1917. 59 Sqn by 1.2.1918 and damaged on Contact Patrol, Enemy Lines, 21.3.1918 (Lt A.P. Kelly WIA/2Lt R. Hogan OK – the machine was hit by machine gun fire from the ground). 2 ASD ex 59 Sqn 22.3.1918. 1 ASD Repair Park ex 2 ASD by rail 2.4.1918 and deleted 14.4.1918.

- The citation for his MC appeared in the London Gazette of 22 June 1918:

"T./Lt. Augustine Patrick Kelly, R.F.C.
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When information was urgently needed as to the enemy's position during an action, he carried out a reconnaissance at a low altitude under heavy machine-gun fire. Though wounded he completed his patrol, located the enemy's position and brought back most valuable information. He showed splendid courage and skill throughout the operations."

- WO338 Officers papers index shows his old "Long Number" reference as 26663 - he doesn't have an Army file that has been released from the MOD, however. He has a post-war reference of P/142388/1 per the WO338 Index.The later "sealing" of his file is due to him serving in WW2:LG 13-8-1940
ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPSThe undermentioned to be Lts. 14th Aug. 1940:—
Gnr. Augustine Patrick KELLY, M.C. (142388), from R.A.http://www.london-ga...upplements/4926

LG 6-5-1941
ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPSLt. A. P. Kelly, M.C. (142388), to relinquish his commn. on account of ill-health, 1st May 1941.

His file will therefore be only available to next of kin / family.



Further Information

If you have any information about Lt. Kelly, please contact me, thank you.

: Rest In Peace :