Rank & Name: Lt. L. Kinet

Date of Death: N/A


Little is known of Lt. Kinet at this time. He is noted as pilot with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner in the following account...

"There is a combat report for him and his pilot Lt. L. Kinet, for an indecisive combat with a Fokker Triplane on May 22, 1918 between 1940 and 2000 hours, at Miraucourt, while flying RE8 C2234. My citation for it is CR: 3Brig/18-253 [F169] (in 2234). The PRO reference is Air 1/2242/209/42/18. This is the only combat report I know of at present."


He is noted in the Squadron Record Book as having flown with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner on 9th May - 1918. source

Image - Andrew Allen - source


Further Information

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