Rank & Name: 2nd Lt. Andrew Omerod

Date of Death: N/A


"Bloody April" - The Red Baron: was especially well known to 59 Sqn airmen, after he took part in the shooting down of a flight of 59 Sqn RE.8's within minutes of them engaging Jasta 11 (led by the Baron) on the 13th of April 1917. The 59 Sqn crews due to a tactical error had been left without a fighter escort and this proved to be a disaster, with all six aircraft and crews lost. Part of their escort took off 20 mins late and another section lost contact with eachother along the way...

During this battle The Baron claimed his 41st victory. I have come across a page on flicker that deals with this encounter. It contains an image of one of the 59 Sqn aircraft (shot down on this day) with a German officer posing by the charred remains of the crew... personally I find this image rather morbid but I will leave the decision to view it up to you. 2nd Lt Andrew Omerod was also shot down during this air battle and his memorial site contains detailed information about this fateful mission and also excerpts from the 59 Sqn Work Record Book and also from the Squadron Record Book.

"Andrew was an observer, and on 13 April 1917 he was in R.E.8 A3225, flown by Lt Arthur Horace Tanfield. At this time 59 Squadron, formed part of 3 Brigade, 12 Corps Wing, based at Cagnicourt."

- "1909, joined the TF RHA-RFA & was the youngest Sgt/Major in England, commissioned Dec 1915 and att to 59 Bty & transfered to the 130 Howizers & was on active service Egypt, Gallipoli & Salonika & qualified as Ob/Pilot March 1917. Missing with 2/Lt Arthur Horace Tanfield in 2 seater Biplane No RE8-23225-WF. Attended St Andrews Church & School a choir boy, Boys Bdg, Freemans & local Conservative politician. Brother Pte Harry Ormerod RAMC serving in F&F. Mother a confectioners shop. Parents John & Jane." source


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