Rank & Name: Maurice Walker

Date of Death: N/A


Little is known of Maurice Walker at this time. The following letter was found on the internet, in response to an article about the RE.8, printed in Popular Flying.

197, Shinfield Road, Reading.
January 28th, 1933.

Dear Sir, - The design of the .E.8 was practically unchanged from 1916 until the Armistice, proof in itself of the
efficiency of this type of machine. It certainly was not a suitable machine for a raw pupil to learn on, but then it was never designed for that class of work. If it was so prone to spin, as Mr. Tucker says it was, why didn't we crash every time we took off during our night bombing stunts in the summer of 1918, on the Somme front.

Yours etc.,
MAURICE WALKER, late 59 Squadron, R.F.C."


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