WW1 Honour Roll
A typical RFC/RAF squadron had over a hundred non-flying personnel, most of them of enlisted/NCO rank occupying such exotic trades as rigger, fitter, sailmaker and armourer. These were supervised by sergeants and a single master-sergeant. There were also a couple of non-flying officers, an adjutant and medical officer. Two-seater squadrons had eighteen pilots and somewhat fewer observers (numbers I've seen suggest a dozen or so observers who were shared between pilots). Observers could be just about any rank, though I'm unaware of many enlisted-man observers. Most were sergeants, acting sergeants, second lieutenants or lieutenants.
Lowest pilot rank was sergeant; corps squadrons especially would have maybe one or two of these (NCO pilots tended to be treated with disdain by officers). Second lieutenant was next; you'd probably find a half-dozen or more of these. The majority of pilots were lieutenants (say eight to ten in a typical squadron). Each of the three flights was led by a captain (though in practise a lieutenant often got this job); the senior flight leader was also de facto squadron leader in the air, since after early 1917 squadron commanders weren't supposed to cross the lines. The OC was a major (and obviously some of the more famous squadron COs -- Collishaw, Bishop, Barker, Mannock -- crossed the lines in defiance of the standing order).


Memorial Page
Lieutenant Colonol
Lt. Col Mitchell
Major R. Egerton MC
Commanding Officer - 14/08/1916 till 25/12/1917
Major C. Mackay
Commanding Officer - 27/12/1917 till the end of hostilities
Cpt. A. Ball VC, DSO
Cpt. Bailey
 Pilot with Lt. J.W.G Clark as observer/gunner
Cpt. P. Bertie
Cpt. Burney
 Pilot with Lt. McKinnon as observer/gunner
Cpt. Bowyer-Bower
 Pilot with Lt. Elgey as observer/gunner
Cpt. D. Carbery MC
 Pilot with Lt. Clements as observer/gunner
Cpt.R.M. Charley
Cpt. J.A. Craig DFC
 Pilot with Lt. Sheraton as observer/gunner
Cpt. H.M. Golding
 Pilot with 2nd Lt. A.J. Bridge as observer/gunner
Cpt. Green
Cpt. G.B. Hodgson
 Pilot with Lt. C.H. Morris as observer/gunner
Cpt. E.G. Leake MC
 Pilot with Lt. Copeland & 2nd Lt. Upfill as observer/gunner
Cpt. Locke
.Pilot with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner
Cpt. Oliver
Cpt. F. Pemberton
Cpt. Powell
Cpt. F.J. Roberts
 Pilot with Sgt. Phillips as observer/gunner
Cpt. Scott
Cpt. T. Symons DFC
 Pilot with 2nd Lt. Chadwick as observer/gunner
Cpt. J.M. Stuart
 Pilot with Lt. M.H. Wood as observer/gunner
Cpt. Williamson-Jones
 B Flight commander
Cpt. Woodhouse MC

 Pilot with Lt. G.N. Thomson DFC as observer/gunner

Lt. J.E. Arnott  
Lt. Bentley  
Lt. P.B. Boyd  Pilot with 2nd Lt. Philip Ray as observer/gunner
Lt. Brererton  
Lt. Bridgwood  
Lt. Burt  
Lt. Coggs  
Lt. Craig  Pilot with Lt. Dilnutt as observer/gunner
Lt. Dalgliesh  
Lt. Douglas  Pilot with Lt. Horton as observer/gunner
Lt. Fredrickson  
Lt. L.M. Glover
.Pilot with 2nd Lt. Adderely as observer/gunner
Lt. Gritton  Pilot with Lt. Mathers as observer/gunner
Lt. G.W. Hall  
Lt. G.A.D Hancock  Pilot with Cpl. Richards as observer/gunner
Lt. C. Hillborn  
Lt. H.G.M Horne  Pilot with Lt. Chalk as observer/gunner
Lt. A.C. Horsbrugh  Sqn C/O upon formation - 01/08/1916 - 14/08/1916
Lt. W.B. Hutcheson  Pilot with Sgt. Rose as observer/gunner
Lt. A. Jerrard V.C  Briefly posted in - prior to Sqdn relocating to France in 1917.
Lt. A.P. Kelly M.C  
Lt. Kinet  Pilot with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner
Lt. Kirk  Pilot with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner
Lt. A.O. Lacy  
Lt. Lee  Pilot with Lt. Martin as observer/gunner
Lt. Lindley  Pilot with 2nd Lt. A. Ormerod as observer/gunner
Lt. Macpherson  
Lt. Mair  
Lt. Marten-Smith  
Lt. Muirhead .KIA 17/03/1917, named in a tribute to 2nd Lt. A. Ormerod
Lt. D. Nelson  Pilot from New Zealand
Lt. Oliver  
Lt. Owen  
Lt. Plummer  
Lt. Prout  
Lt. Richards  
Lt. Sayers  
Lt. Scott  
Lt. Smith  
Lt. Stanley  
Lt. M. Sworder  Killed in a flying accident - no observer
Lt. A.H. Tanfield  Pilot with 2nd Lt. A. Ormerod as observer/gunner
Lt. Thomas  
Lt. C. Warnock  
Lt. A. Watson  Pilot with Lt. Law as observer/gunner
Lt. I. Welby
.Joined 59 Sqn as an observer/gunner
Lt. R.J.F. Wells  Pilot with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner
Lt. Wilcox  
Lt. Williams  
Lt. Woolett  Pilot with Lt. Instone as observer/gunner
2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lt. Christian  Pilot with Lt. J.E. Hanning as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. J. Drummond  Pilot with 2nd Lt. Percy Chavasse as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. B.W. Hill  Pilot with 2nd Lt. A. Ormerod as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. C.R. Moore
 Pilot with 2nd Lt. G.W. Green as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. F. Naylor  Pilot with 2nd Lt. H.J.C. Reynish as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. A.C. Pepper  Pilot with Lt. W.L. Day as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. C.C. Robinson  Pilot with 2nd Lt. Thornton as observer/gunner
2nd Lt. T.A. Royds  Killed in a flying accident
2nd Lt. J.M. Souter  
Sergeant (pilot)
 Sgt. F.F. Smith  Pilot with Cpl. Beeson as observer/gunner
Memorial Page
Major Bailey
Major Berwick
Major Gardener
Major Morris
Major Newman
Lt. C. Bailey
Lt. Chalk
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Horne
Lt. Charlton
Lt. J.W.G. Clark
.Observer/gunner for Cpt. Bailey
Lt. Clements
.Observer/gunner for Cpt. Carbery MC
Lt. Copeland
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. Leake
Lt. W.L. Day
 Observer/gunner for 2nd Lt. A.C. Pepper
Lt. Dewy
Lt. Dilnutt
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Craig
Lt. Dodson
Lt. Dudson
Lt. Eastoe
Lt. Edwards
Lt. Egan
Lt. Fry
Lt. Garick
Lt. Gaynor
Lt. Gray
Lt. Green
Lt. J.E. Hanning MC
 Observer/gunner for 2nd Lt. Christian
Lt. Harrison
Lt. Hegan
Lt. Horton
.Observer/gunner for Lt. Douglas
Lt. Hughes
Lt. Hyslop
Lt. B. Instone
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Wells
Lt. James
Lt. Kent
Lt. Kingwill
Lt. Klias
Lt. Knight
Lt. Law
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Arthur Watson
Lt. Le Cecilia
Lt. Leighton
Lt. Lumside
Lt. Martin
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Lee
Lt. Mathers
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Gritton
Lt. N. M'Eachran
Lt. McIntosh
Lt. McConkey
Lt. McKinnon
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. Burney
Lt. Murdoch
Lt. Morgan
Lt. C.H. Morris
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. G.B. Hodgson
Lt. Nathan
Lt. O'Kill
Lt. W.S. Peel MC
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. L.M. Woodhouse MC, DFC
Lt. Reynish
Lt. Rowley
Lt. Seagrave
Lt Sear
Lt. R. Sheraton
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. Craig DFC
Lt. Smith
Lt. Somerfield
Lt. G. Thomson DFC
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. Woodhouse MC
Lt. Warren
Lt. I. Welby
 Later became a pilot with 59 Squadron (noted above)
Lt. Wilkinson
Lt. M.H. Wood
 Observer/gunner for Capt. J.M. Stuart
Lt. Wright
Lt. Wyre
2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lt. W. Adderley  Observer/gunner for Lt. L.M. Glover
2/AM V.N. Barrie
.Observer/gunner for Lt. C.F. Bailey
2nd Lt. A.J. Bridge
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. H.M. Golding
2nd Lt. P. Chavasse
 Observer/gunner for 2nd Lt. John Cecil Drummond
2nd Lt. F.W. Chadwick
 Observer/gunner for Capt. T.S. Symons DFC
2nd Lt.J.C. Deremo
2nd Lt. E. Elgey
 Observer/gunner for Capt. E.W. Bowyer-Bower
2nd Lt. G.W. Green  Observer/gunner for 2nd Lt. C.R. Moore
2nd Lt. R. Hegan  Observer/gunner for Lt. A.P. Kelly M.C
2nd. Lt. A. Ormerod
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Horace Tanfield
2nd. Lt. R. Ottley
 Observer/gunner for Major R. Egerton MC
2nd Lt. P.O Ray
 Observer/gunner for pilot Lt. Philip Bentinck Boyd
2nd Lt. H.J.C. Reynish
 Observer/gunner for pilot 2nd Lt. Frank Naylor
2nd Lt. P. Thornton
 Observer/gunner for pilot 2nd Lt. Cyril Robinson
2nd Lt. T.H. Upfill

 Observer/gunner for Cpt. Eric Leake MC

Other rank - Officer
F/O J.D.L. Welby
Cpl. Beeson
 Observer/gunner for pilot Sgt. Smith
Cpl. Richards
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Hancock
Sgt. Phillips
 Observer/gunner for Cpt. Roberts
Sgt. Rose
 Observer/gunner for Lt. W.B. Hutcheson
2/AM Tilley
 Observer/gunner for Lt. Leake
Other Duties
Memorial Page
2/AM F.H. Bastik
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
2/AM A.H. Branson
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
1/AM W.S. Crust
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
2nd Lt. C.E. Cullen
Equipment Officer
2nd Lt. J. Donnelly
Equipment Officer
2/AM T.H. Hoggard
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
2/AM J. Littlejohn
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
T/Major Mackay
Equipment Officer
2/AM J. Middleton
1/AM J. Partridge
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
2/AM T.L. Quinn
Captured and became POW? - Wireless Operator
Cpl G. Whitehead
KIA 28/03/1918 - Wireless Operator
2/AM C.V. Williams
Air Mechanic

Rank/Duty N/A

Memorial Page
Joseph Aikins
2nd Lt. J.A. Donelly
2nd Lt.T.G. Hobbs
2nd Lt.J.H. Sanders
2nd Lt. C.F. Yokum
Maurice Walker
WW1 Honour Roll
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