Rank/Name: W/O F.S. Back DFM
Date of Award: 12/01/1943

BACK, FS (now WO) Sidney (R72341) - Distinguished Flying Medal - No.59 Squadron - Award effective 12 April 1943 as per London Gazette dated 20 April 1943 and AFRO 985/43 dated 28 May 1943.  Born 1918.  Home in Toronto; enlisted there 20 September 1940.  Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 23 December 1940), No.10 EFTS (washed out, date uncertain), No.5 BGS (graduated 4 August 1941), No.5 AOS (graduated 23 June 1941), and No.1 CNS (graduated 15 September 1941).  To No.423 Squadron, April 1943.  Medal presented 18 October 1947.


This airman has served with the squadron since January 1942.  The crew of which he is a member has been consistently successful on operations.  He participated in many hazardous sorties against enemy shipping off the Dutch coast.  In July 1942 he made a telling attack on two 5,000 ton enemy ships in the face of heavy anti-aircraft fire.  Later, in November 1942, this airman took part, with good effect, in a most determined attack on shipping in a French harbour, in spite of vigorous ground fire and adverse weather.  Throughout his operational career Flight Sergeant Back has set a fine example of determination and devotion to duty.
Source: London Gazette