Rank/Name: F/Lt C.E. Blair
Date of Award: 24/10/1944
BLAIR, F/L Charles Edgar (J10609) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.59 Squadron - Award effective 24 November 1944 as per London Gazette dated 5 December 1944 and AFRO 293/45 dated 16 February 1945. Born 1917 in North River, Nova Scotia; home in Truro, Nova Scotia; enlisted Halifax, 28 May 1941. Trained at No.5 ITS (graduated 27 September 1941), No.22 EFTS (graduated 22 November 1941) and No.13 SFTS (graduated 13 March 1942). Commissioned 1942. Award sent by registered mail 10 March 1947.

This officer has flown on numerous convoy escorts and anti-submarine patrols. His skill, confidence and reliability in appalling weather have been outstanding. On one occasion, when all sorties were cancelled on account of bad weather, he took off to provide cover for an important convoy. The convoy was met and successfully escorted. Throughout his operational career this captain of aircraft has set an inspiring example by his cheerful and efficient devotion to duty.
Source: London Gazette