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RANK: Fairly self-explanatory... however, names may not be listed with correct ranking. If you find this to be the case, it is due to mention of a person being found at an earlier time in their service. Un-identified (RANK) Section: This is the last ranking section on the list and contains people found that were noted as members of 59 Sqn but not confirmed with a rank. There is also an Unknown Rank section for ground crew. The ranking system is listed from W/C (Officer in Command) down to Aircraftman etc.
Name: The names are listed correctly and in alphabetical order to the best of my knowledge. If not please let me know. Please note that some listed personnel flew with multiple squadrons and may not have been attached to 59 at the time of their death or time of de-mob. If this is so, it may be noted in the "Misc" section as such =>>460 Sqn. (posted to 460 Sqn). This often notes just their "last" posting. Awards: If the name is followed by a linked award (DFC, OBE etc) click on the link to view details of the award. If there is no link, there is currently no information available.
Service No: If the service number is linked (blue), click to view details of the selected person. These details may be any of the following: CWGC Debt of Honour page, sourced service details, personnel profile page which may include a picture and/or a short history. In the event that a service number is not provided, a link for further info will be put in its place as such: "view more".
Force: In most cases, this denotes the nationality of a person. If I have found (for example) a Canadian commissioned to the RAF, I have noted them as RCAF or NFDR and thus so for other nationalities. This is done merely to show nationality and origin at a glance, not too diminish any pride of flying with and for the RAF.
Misc: This section may include muster or other information such as the name of source. If there is additional information about a crew and/or mission a returned veteran was part of, there will be a "crew" link here, or perhaps in a neighbouring section that would otherwise be "NA".
KIA-DOD: Shows the date of death on active service, date a person was recorded MIA (later persumed dead) or date they died after the war. If this section contains "NA" then no record of death has been sourced.. Links in this section: If the date is linked (blue) then click to view details of the crew the person was flying with at the time of death, or their memorial page.
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Honour Roll
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