Date: 05/03/1945

Squadron Code: 'P' & 'L' - 'Z'

Serial Number: Liberator MK.VIII
U-Boat details : Unknown
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Base: Ballykelly
Time UP: 1126 hrs (18th) - Time DOWN: 0405 hrs (19th) - DURATION: 16hrs 31 mins
Op: CLA Sweep


Two attacks were made involving three A/C - At 1508 'Z/59' had made an attack an a moving oil slick in posn. 5558N,1300W. At 1458 hrs Liberator BZ918 L/59 was sent to investigate a moving oil slick and was found 5544N,0725W. At 1536 an attack was made but no results seen. 'L' was then relieved by 'P/59'.

Z/59 - BZ912: At 1325 after 6 hours on patrol Z was told in posn. 53.40N, 12.00W to home onto smoke reported by Sunderland in position 53.58N, 1300W and use High Tea. The position was reached at 1350 and after R/T communication with Sunderland an oil slick was seen in the NE.SW line with bubbles at N. End. Purple High tea was dropped on the Sunderland markers and the basic pattern completed by 1417. Faint noises estimated at 180 BPM were heard on the blue and in this direction the pattern was extended, giving sounds in blue and now red. At 1508 an attack was made and 2 escort vessells homed to the spot by the Sunderland were told the situation. Nothing definite can be claimed from the attack and the posn. was left at 1930, posn. 53.45N, 1300W.

L/59 - BZ918: At 1458 after 7 1/2 hours on patrol, L was tol din posn. 56.31N, 11.40W to investigate oil in 55.44N,07.25W and use High Tea. Before the captain reached the spot at 1536 an oil slick was found 55.48N, 08.39W, with bubbles surfacing at the apex advancing at 8kts course 290. A pattern of High tea was dropped and they indicated U/B on western course 130 beats a minute. An attack was made but without positive result and by 1600 when P/59 arrived nothing was to be heard nor did another search along the U/B's track reveal any indication of it. Patrol was left at PLE 1952.

P/59 - BZ768: At 1650 after 9 hours on patrol 'F' was told to hunt U/B in posn. 55.48N, 08.39W. We set course found nothing in posn but at 1810 saw a small oil slick in 55.48N, 08.39W with markers. L/59 in neighbourhood said contact had been lost 3 hours before. Control said return to base at 1952.


Crews on this day:

'Z/59': S/L W. Beringer (capt) - F/O O.R.G. Normanten (2nd-pilot) - F/O P.C.M Basford (Nav) - F/L J.T. Ellison - F/Sgt's D.E. Sharpe & G.D. Farr - Sgt. G. Davies.

'L/59': F/L A.R. Irving (capt & 1st Nav) - F/O G. Rubenok (1st-pilot) - P/O Hadley (2nd-pilot) F/O L. Postle (Nav) - F/Sgt's D.G. Ashton & T.S. Tovoy - Sgt's. G.D. Kynoch, N.F. Henshaw & R.J. Butler.

P/59: F/L N.H. Oakley (capt) - F/Sgt R. Jones (2nd-pilot) - F/L J.T. Warbrick (Nav) - W/O's J.E. MacDoanld & H.S. Kerr - F/Sgt's J.W. Passey, H.D. Stewart, W.F. Colbourne & Sgt. G.I Davies.


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During WWII, the RAF used three-letter codes to identify their aircraft from a distance. Two large letters were painted before the roundel, which signified the squadron to which the aircraft belonged, and another letter was painted after the roundel which indicated the individual aircraft. Aditionally, there was the individual serial number for each aircraft, which was painted in a much smaller size, usually somewhere at the rear of the aircraft: (more)

Codes used by RAF 59 Squadron:

PJ Sep 1938 - Sep 1939
TR Sep 1939 - Oct 1942
1 Aug 1943 - Jul 1944
WE Jul 1944 - Oct 1945
BY Oct 1945 - Jun 1946, Dec 1947 - Oct 1950