Rank & Name: S/L John Bernard Fyfe DFC (RAF 24208)
Date of Death: 11/08/1940



S/L Fyfe was Commanding Officer of 59 Sqn when they were posted to France in 1939. After the squadron returned in May 1940, he was posted to 107 Sqn (who were also flying Blenheims) and died shortly after as a result of air operations. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

The following was submitted by Malcolm Fyfe (son of S/L fyfe): 04/07/2009

"My father was based at RAE (Royal Aircraft Establishment) Farborough prior to taking up as CO of 59 Squadron at Old Sarum in 1937. I have some memories of that time, the quarters, the Hawker Hectors and the arriving Blenheims. We then moved to Andover where we were when war broke out and we were given our marching orders to a life of wandering until 1947.

Of course, as you will know, my father moved to 107 Squadron at Wattisham when 59 Squadron returned from France. He then was lost in August 1940 at which time his CO was Australian Hughie Edwards VC."





Further Information

Remembered on the Cambridgeshire Roll of Honour

Flight Details: According to this Perte RAF site, S/L Fyfe and crew were on a mission to Dinard in Blenheim T1850 when they were lost. He was 33 years old and is remembered on Panel 4 of the Runnymede Memorial. The other two members of the crew were Sgt Philip Bernard Taylor and Sgt Thomas Oliver Price.

The following is taken from a Blenheim Society journal: Jane’s grandfather (Fyfe) was lost with crew Sgt PB Taylor (Obs) & Sgt TO Price (Wop/AG) of 107Sq in BB IV T1850 on 11/08/1940 raid on Dinard airfield. He was also in 59Sq.

London Gazette: Dec. 1927: Granted short service commission as a Pilot Officer on probation - effective 31st Dec. 1927. Later confirmed in rank 3rd April 1929

London Gazette: According this copy of the Gazette dated 2 July 1929, John was promoted from the rank of Pilot Officer to Flying officer, effective 9th May 1929.

According to Flight, dated April 16 - 1936: Flight Lieutenant John Bernard Fyfe DFC was granted a Permanent Commision in the general duties branch.

London Gazette. 7th Dec. 1937. Flight Lieutenant promoted to the rank of Squadron leader - effective 1st Dec. 1937.

Rest In Peace